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We've been talking about different means of tranport and here we are classiffying them!
Land, air or water????

HH5- NEW STORY: "The train ride"

Resultat d'imatges de the train ride

A little girl and her mother board the train in town and set off on a journey through the countryside. As they travel, the girl looks out of the window, asking "What shall I see? What shall I see?" And what does she see? Sheep, cows, horses and much more!

HH4-NEW STORY: "From head to toe"

Resultat d'imatges de FROM HEAD TO TOE

I'm a penguin and I turn my head,
Can you do it?

 I can do it!

I'm a giraffe and I bend my neck.
Can you do it?

I can do it!

I'm a buffalo....